BRICS TB Research Network

Promote and conduct collaborative scientific research along the spectrum, from basic to operational, for the development
and innovation on diagnostics, vaccines, drugs and regimens, infection control for TB and patient service delivery

diagnostics and treatment regimens

Foster the development of new effective, safe and affordable diagnostics and treatment regimens for all forms of TB, accessible to all patients

universal health access

Promote multisectoral research towards achieving universal health access, provide patient-centered care and social protection to achieve the TB targets of the Sustainable Development Goals

Strengthen collaborations

Strengthen the collaborations between the BRICSTB Research Network and other international organizations and relevant partners to TB control worldwide

Established by Ministries of Health

The BRICS TB Research Network was established by Ministries of Health of BRICS countries in 2017

The BRICS TB Research Network is an outcome of the BRICS TB Cooperation Plan approved in the 6th Health Ministers Meeting in New Delhi, 2016, and supported by BRICS Heads of States, as agreed in the Xiamen Declaration, 2017

Brazil Russia India China South Africa

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Our Projects


BRICS TB landscape

Mapping the TB scientific and patent landscape among BRICS countries: a bibliometric and network analysis

Clinical trials

TB clinical trials in BRICS countries


TB research mapping

Mapping of completed and ongoing TB research in all thematic areas in BRICS countries

Clinical trials SOPs

South African Sample of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) for Clinical Trials

Technology development

Identification of ready technologies and manufacturing capacities in the BRICS countries

SA bibliometric analysis

TB research in South Africa: Bibliometric Analysis 2013 - 2017

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Latest News, Meetings, Events and Activities

First BRICS TB Research Network technical meeting, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

September 2017

Second BRICS TB Research Network technical meeting, Moscow

November 2017

Third BRICS TB Research Network technical meeting, Johannesburg

June 2018

Fourth BRICS TB Research Network technical meeting, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

February 2019

Fifth BRICS TB Research Network meeting, Beijing, China

July 2019