BRICS TB Research Network

Promote and conduct collaborative scientific research along the spectrum, from basic to operational, for the development
and innovation on diagnostics, vaccines, drugs and regimens, infection control for TB and patient service delivery

About Us

In November 2017, the governments of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa announced the establishment of a collaborative TB research network with a vision of accelerating research and innovation in TB, through the BRICS cooperation mechanisms. BRICS ministers of health have called for coordinated action on TB R&D previously on several occasions. In the 2013 Delhi Communiqué, the BRICS countries resolved to collaborate to develop “capacity and infrastructure to reduce the prevalence and incidence of TB through innovation for new drugs, vaccines, diagnostics and promotion of consortia of TB researchers to collaborate on clinical trials of drugs and vaccines1. These ideas were reiterated in 2014 when the BRICS ministers of health met in Brazil and agreed to cooperate on research and innovation for TB, identifying technology sharing, manufacturing capacity and TB financing as key priorities2. In December 2016, the BRICS ministers of health “agreed to the setting up of a BRICS network on TB research and creation of a research and development consortium on TB, HIV and malaria including the possibility of international fund raising3The newly launched network is a platform for collaboration and its goal is to strengthen mutually beneficial research amongst the BRICS countries, particularly in the areas of product development, technology transfer, and capacity building. Priority activities include the development of common protocols and implementation of multicountry studies to speed up product development in TB diagnostics, vaccines, drugs, and to facilitate effective adoption of innovative interventions. This is based on the systematic use of existing expertise and indigenous technological know-how within the BRICS countries. Additionally, the network is exploring the establishment of a centre of excellence for clinical and operational research.

End TB in all BRICS countries

To accelerate collaborative research and development to end TB in BRICS countries


  • Mutual trust
  • Transparency
  • Evidence-based approach
  • Knowledge and resource exchange

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